The 5 Easy Steps to Securing a New Client Every Single Week

Want more clients for your coaching business, but not sure how to consistently attract them?

Allow me to share a process that will give you confidence every single week that you’ll be able to book at least one new client like clockwork.

It’s a five-step process that you can easily follow with consistency each week. By end of day Friday next week you’ll have at least one new client.

Monday morning used to be the worst when I first started out. I’d look ahead to the week and question whether what I was doing was going to lead to results.

I wasn’t getting a return from all that time that I was putting in. And it took me a long period of time to kind of figure out the strategies and techniques that I’m going to share. But I’m happy to report that I’m at a stage right now in my business where I can start every week with full confidence and knowing that I’m going to book at least one new client by following this consistent process.

This week was no different. I had a client opening that’s coming through next week. I follow the same process that I do every single week. I was able to book a new client in the last few days.

I’m all set for next week and I’m having confidence about my ability to book new clients. You can run it through for your own coaching business and see those results in the same way. Let’s jump into it.

Step 1: Be Specific

The first thing is be specific about who your audience is. Most coaches that I talk to start out by just marketing to the masses. It’s kind of like going to a crowded market and saying, I’m a coach, please hire me.

In response, you get no response at all because they didn’t hear you or you get a weird look. Because they’re like: who is this crazy person?

You have to have those ones on one conversations, be more specific, and tailor your message to a specific audience that you most want to work with.

Some of that will just come through in the confidence of being able to book clients on a more consistent basis. You’ll have confidence knowing that you are being more targeted and getting more opportunities as a result.

You want to have a message that resonates with people. Certain audiences have a language that they’re speaking that’s a little bit different.

They care about different things. They have different pain points. They have different outcomes that they’re looking for. If you’re not speaking to those things, it’s not going to resonate. You have to be really specific in who you’re trying to go after.

That’s the first and one of the most important things.

Step 2: Be Proactive

The second thing is being proactive and really going out there and sharing your message with people.

What I see with coaches all the time is they’ll put up their website or they’ll put up a Facebook business page and they’ll kind of sit back and relax. Then they expect leads and clients to magically come through. Then weeks later they are surprised when no one booked a free call.

The reason for that is nobody really knows who you are, especially when you’re first starting out. But even as your business goes along, if you’re not putting in those processes every single week to be proactive your business is going to suffer.

Starting those conversations with people can be everything from using online ads to email, to just going out there and making direct contact with people.

It’s really important and is directly related to the next two steps.

Step 3: Get to Know Your Audience Really Well

You want to have these conversations and ask them questions. Be curious and sit there and listen.

What are these people really dealing with? What are those outcomes that they’re looking for? What are some of the pain points that they’re talking about and what’s going on in their everyday life? What do they care about?

By having these conversations, you’re going to be able to get into the mind of your prospects and it’s going to improve your marketing. It’s going to improve your message. And therefore, you’re going to resonate with your audience. You’re going to be speaking their language. You’re going to have the same words and phrases that they use.

That’s going to lead to more and more inbound traffic, but it does take some proactivity in the early going.

As you are consistent and persistent with it you will get more leads than you can handle.

Step 4: Demonstrate Your Expertise

Demonstrate your expertise as you are being proactive in having conversations.

In your own head, you know that you’re a really good coach and that you have the skills to transform people’s lives. But your audience doesn’t know that.

For your audience, they might have hired a different coach before and not seen any results. They might be coming in with a high degree of skepticism like: “Who does this guy think he is?” or “Who does this girl think she is that she can really help me? You have to prove it to them.

You have to show them along the way in those conversations, how much expertise you have. Some of that might be giving away some free advice along the way. More on that in a second.

Get testimonials, especially along the way where you’re having some great client results. Build out those case studies.

Even before they hire you, you should be giving out some free advice that gives them momentum.

That leads to the next step.

Step 5: Deliver value upfront

Deliver value without any expectation of a return. Go out there, have these conversations, demonstrate your expertise by giving them a little bit of value.

Give them something that will move them along to the outcome they are looking for. If you can get them some momentum by demonstrating your expertise, that’s going to allow them into your world.

That trust and connection is really going to be developed. And that’s going to get you closer to being hired. They’re going to be more confident in working with you and not a lot of your competitors are doing it or doing it right.

Take Linkedin as an example. As you are receiving connection requests every day or messages within LinkedIn, the standard process is that you’re always getting a sales pitch or getting thrown a webinar.

For most coaches, giving value to people is sending them their latest lead magnet or their webinar. What I’m talking about here is actually getting to know people, having that conversation, asking them questions, getting to know them along the way, and then figuring out how can you in a specific, personalized way get them moving in the right direction to where they want to be.

It’s not just throwing out your latest webinar replay or your lead magnet and sending that off to hundreds of different people and seeing what sticks. It’s actually getting to know that person on a personal level and then figuring out what is the specific thing that I can help move them along in their journey.

Don’t have the expectation that as you are giving out some of your best tips and suggestions that your audience is immediately going to hire you. You have to play the long game.

So for me, every single week, I try to have it at least 30 of those conversations where I’m delivering some type of value upfront. All 30 of those conversations don’t result in clients. But I’m confident every single week, if I’m having 30 conversations where I am delivering value upfront along with demonstrating my expertise, I’ll have at least one new client every single week. I’m also laying the seeds for a future client down the line.

Maybe right now isn’t a great time for them to hire you.

But in three months’ time, in six months’ time, you’ve developed that first impression. You’ve differentiated yourself from all your competitors.

That’s the formula.

Be very specific in who you’re going after and proactive in starting conversations. Don’t wait for people to reach your website or wait for them to read your lead magnet. In having those conversations make sure that we’re getting to know them. Demonstrating your expertise is critical because your audience doesn’t yet know how good of a coach you are. You have to be able to bring that out a little bit more and show that upfront even before they hire you.

And then the last thing is leading with value. Have the attitude that I’m going to give some stuff away in the early going with no expectation of return. But know that over time that you’re going to get that back a hundred times fold.

Put these steps into practice every single week. I’m very consistent and persistent in following this process and have enjoyed the benefits. It’s up-leveled the quality of my clients, but also allowed me to raise my prices pretty quickly.

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